• 3-Point Self-Snapping America Meal Box


[INFO] Totempak 3D Pop Cup

Wednesday 8 Jul 2015
With the rapid growth in hot beverage market recently, there are increasing demands for quantity in take-out paper cups. Other than the basic thermal insulation function demanded by consumers in take-out paper cups, the appearance of the cups themselves is beginning to play an important role in attracting consumers. Totempak 3D Pop Cup made a breakthrough in printing technology, making the paper cups more distinguished, as well as being thermal insulated.


[EVENT]Studying Socioeconomic Myths

Thursday 13 Nov 2014
From melamine, plasticizer, toxic starch, toluene ink-cleaning, cottonseed issues, to the recent gutter oil crisis, which I refer to them as the “Melamine Phenomenon.” This phenomenon does not only involve plasticizers, but the issue exists in every industry and every field, only not revealed to the public eye.


We provide paper cups, bowls, meal boxes, and other related products in vsarious sizes and shapes. Other than unprinted models, Totempak also offers various templates, each unique with patterns designed by artists to fulfill the demands of every customer.


[EXPO]June 2014 Exhibitions and Product Releases

Thursday 10 Jul 2014
"The first structural change in the manufacture of paper cups within the century: Traditional rolled-edge rims are prone to deformations under pressure and heat, having a have chance of bursting, drink-spilling, and causing scalding issues. Totempak's Frame-Ring design owns worldwide patents, and is boasted to be the safest paper cup in the world.”


How safe is food packaging? Ask Totempak!

Wednesday 5 Nov 2014
When food is healthy and safe, are food packaging safe also? Food safety is becoming a topic of attention in recent years, but other than emphasizing on food, we should also care about the packaging and containers that come in direct contact with the food!